Crazy things church members did for pastors in 2018

It is interesting how some people have issues in their marriages and relationships because they are not willing to do certain things for their partners, claiming such things are demeaning.

South African pastor makes congregation eat grass

However, the same people are more than willing to do crazy and unimaginable things in church or privacy at the behest of their pastors, all in the name of receiving miracles.

Imagine a husband instructing his wife to lie prostrate for him to stand on her buttocks for just a minute. It may even land the man in police cells for assault.

But a South African pastor made news headlines recently after photos of him standing on a female member of his church hit the internet.

According to reports, the woman did not hesitate to lie down prostrate for the man of God to stand on her back with one foot on her butt.

It is unclear whether she indeed received the promised miracle.

Some few weeks earlier, a South African-based Nigerian pastor who recently claimed money had emerged out of him after he prayed to God, made it into the news headlines again.

This time round the man of God popularly known as Pastor Anointed is reported to have made his congregation lick his shoes to enable them claim a promised miracle money.

Photos of the church members kneeling to lick the shoes went viral online and attracted reactions.

Still in South Africa, a preacher made his congregation eat grass to ‘be closer to God’ before stamping on them.

This is after being told it will ‘bring them closer to God' and bring them riches.

South Africa seems to be a hub for such pastors. Late last year, a man of God who was sued in 2015 for making his congregation eat snakes and rats with hair found himself in the news again.

The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, filed the suit against the self-styled prophet, but it was provisionally withdrawn in July 2015 due to lack of evidence.

This time, Penuel Mnguni is reported to have fed live cockroachesto two men among his congregation and they claimed the cockroaches tasted like cheese and spice.

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 The church posted on its Facebook page later that, the man of God “called a cockroach to appear in the church.

“He then called out the congregation to come forward and eat…. Two brothers came and shared it with each other, As they were eating it by the surprise to Mr. Charles it tasted like a cheese that is not ordinary and to Mr. Eric it tasted like spice.

“The man of God declared that as they ate their level of teaching will grow and it will never be the same. As he spoke these words the power of God touched them both greatly as they partook what is from the father.”

Back here in Ghana, the founder and leader of the International God’s Way Church, Bishop Daniel Obinim will never cease to be in the news.

In a video released from his church recently, a woman is seen carrying him at her back and dancing to music from the church’s band.

The whole antics was because, according to the woman, Obinim had been able to predict perfectly what her problem was.

At the beginning of the video, Obinim is heard telling the woman that he could see she wanted money to trade in wax prints.

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Shocked by the accurate prediction, the woman said “daddy woy3 too much oo, mese wo ni size” which literally means ‘daddy you are too much, you have no size’.

She then rushed towards Obinim and turned her back for him and he gladly jumped on her back like a baby.

The funny act from the lady, who said she comes from Nkoransa in the Brong Ahafo Region, occurred at the Kumasi branch of Obinim’s church.

Ridiculously, if that woman is married, she probably has never given her husband such a good treat as she gave pastor Obinim.

Earlier, the same man of God made a woman carry a bag of cement in exchange for lotto numbers.

It was actually a punishment for the woman who had earlier refused lotto numbers from the Bishop who claimed he disguised himself and gave the woman the lotto numbers to stick but she rejected it.

The woman, in the viral video, explained that she was angry because someone took her GHC10 that was why she turned down the numbers.

Interestingly, when some human rights minded Ghanaians criticised the pastor for subjecting the woman to such a public humiliation, she herself came out to ask them to shut up and mind their own business.


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