Daring man lies on railway for a speeding train to pass over him (video)

Some social media users have been calling for the arrest of a daring man who deliberately lay in-between a railway for a speeding train to pass over him.

Daring man surprisingly survives after lying on a railway for a speeding train to pass over him (video)

A heart-stopping video circulating online shows the man wearing a faded blue pair of jeans trousers and a white long sleeve dress, as well as a pair of dark sunglasses, jumping and bragging after rising from the rail unhurt.

“Fucking did it man!” the man screamed after surviving the risky venture.

Surprisingly, a group of other men could also be seen emerging and cheering him for having accomplished ‘a great’ feat.

“You fucking did it man,” one of his friends could be heard in the viral video screaming while another admitted, “I was so scared for you bro”.

Before the unthinkable act, the young mysterious man could be heard asking “should I keep down?” as he lay in-between the rails and one of his peers monitoring the speeding train replied “yes bro”.

It appears that the young man and his peers had had a bet on risking his life to lie on the railway for the train to pass over him, and he took up the challenge, damning the likely consequences if anything had gone wrong.

Of all the things in this world to get popular for, it is far from clear why the young men chose such a risky act to gain attention.

It is not clear if the crazy act amounts to a breach of any law but some have suggested that it could be an attempted suicide.

Meanwhile, judging from the video, the motive was not to commit suicide, and that will be a key factor in determining an attempted suicide.

It was just a group of crazy and exuberant youth risking their lives in the name of having fun.

It is unclear where exactly the incident took place but speculation is rife that it will surely be in Africa, looking critically at the setting.


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