Feminist blogger makes sourbread with yeast from her vagina

A few days ago, Stavri announced that she had thrush and suggested the idea of making bread with her vaginal yeast.

Feminist blogger chronicles how she makes sourbread with her vaginal yeast which she got as a result of thrush

A feminist blogger has made her intentions very clear.

She intends to bake sourbread out of her yeast infection, and has even tagged the project, #cuntsourdough.

A few days ago, Stavri announced that she had thrush and suggested the idea of making bread with her vaginal yeast.

Stavri has started making this new flavour of sourdough bread with yeast extracted from her vagina while documenting the whole process on social media.

Over on her blog, Stavers outlined the wisdom behind the experiment and the recipe.

"It all started with a fatal combination of a slightly perverse sense of humour, a keenly scientific mind, and touch of the thrush.

"… I got curious and the next thing that happened was I was scraping white goop off of a dildo into a bowl of flour mixed with water."

"As much vaginal yeast as I could scrape off a dildo I put in my vagina–my estimate is that there was about as much of it as would lightly coat a single tine of a fork, and no more."

As expected, Twitter has gone crazy since Stavri's first tweet, quickly spreading like wild fire, with many declaring bread to be ruined forever and others wondering, “Why?”

Strangely, Stavri has expressed shock at the strong, negative reaction the little experiment has received.

"So, it seems to have generated rather a lot of disgust. Far more than I expected, to be perfectly honest: I’d expected perhaps the odd “eww” and maybe even an “I wouldn’t eat that that”, but not this, the level of outright horror, as though I’d dismembered a litter of puppies and was posting selfies with a selfie-stick while doing it."

The blogger has pointed out that it wasn't a“feminist protest” but rather a quirky baking experiment also pointing out that there’s a distinct possibility the vaginal yeast isn’t even growing in the sourdough, so we might not have any reason to be grossed out at all.

Stavri also had a message for men who are grossed out by the whole thing.

"Before you tweet me to tell me how disgusted you are, let me be clear about one thing: I f**king know. It turns out the world is even more grossed out about minges than I’d previously thought."


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