A marriage was cancelled after the husband-to-be’s girlfriend stood up during the ceremony and claimed she was still dating him.

According to reports, the bride left the church premises in tears after she had been teased with the isle. She was led away by family and friends present at the ceremony who were equally surprised about the turn of events.

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Though the names of the said couple are not yet known, reports suggest that the development took place in Malawi.

Pictures of the sad incident went viral on social media after a twitter user, @JMalikay_27 shared on Twitter, “Another wedding canceled yesterday after the guys ex-stood up in church and said the guy was still her boyfriend. Meanwhile the bride??"

Normally, prior to the D-day, pastors give members of the public a grace period to voice out their issues regarding a given forthcoming marriage, however, it is not clear why this so called girlfriend waited till the day of the wedding to disrupt the ceremony.