Husband brutalizes wife, stabs her with scissors over box of matches

What would motivate a man to batter his wife and stab her over a mere box of matches?

The battered wife

There is this disturbing story carried by Linda Ikeji blog, of how a drunk husband turned his wife into a punching bag and after beating her to a pulp, used a pair of scissors to stab her severally on different parts of her body, before sending her out of his house in the dead of night.

The case has been reported to the Igando Police Station but according to a source, the police did not see the need to treat the matter with the urgency it requires as they were demanding for money before they could take the bleeding woman to a hospital, neither did they give her any form of first aid treatment.

A family friend of the couple who sent the story and photos of the battered woman to Linda Ikeji, wrote:

"We need the help of human right to intervene, the case has been reported at Igando police station but I must say am disappointed in them because they are just too sluggish to the situation.

Rather they are after the fee for placing report; meanwhile the woman is busy bleeding, they left her unattended even to this early hour of today the police station does not even have common first aid box to treat her rather they asked her to go to hospital."

Cases of husband's brutalizing their wives have been on the increase in the country in recent times with husbands dehumanizing their wives. Such an incident where a police officer set his wife on fire and went scot free is still buzzing.

There was another case in February, 2015, where a man in Imo State also set his wife on fire because he suspected his wife was cheating on him.


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