“Don’t spoil my make up oh; just do as if you want to kiss but don’t kiss” – Bride warns groom

Drama ensued recently as a bride who was too conscious about her makeup refused to be kissed by the groom, warning him not to spoil her makeup before instructing him to “just do as if you want to kiss but don’t kiss”.

“Don’t spoil my make up oh; just do as if you want to kiss but don’t kiss – Bride warns groom

According to reports, the beautiful Nigerian bride and her handsome groom were getting reading to head to Church for their white wedding but they decided to take some pictures before leaving.

Her makeup artist had just finished making her up when her husband-to-be appeared from behind, wrapped his hands around her waist and attempted to kiss as they posed for a photoshoot.

To his surprise, however, the bride stopped him abruptly, warning “No kiss oh” and pushing the overexcited groom’s hands away to free herself from his grips.


The bride’s gesture made the makeup artist and others present burst into laughter.

The groom tried again to kiss her, thinking she was just joking but the lady stood her ground, saying “just do as if you want to kiss but don’t kiss”.

Since the video hit social media, some users have been sharing their opinions about it.


In other news, witnesses to the inferno that consumed the Odawna Market at Kwame Nkrumah Circle in Accra on Tuesday could not believe their eyes after a Holy Bible was discovered from the ashes completely intact and neat.

Fire razed down the entire market consuming several shops believed to be over two thousand, with traders losing millions of Ghana Cedis. As the affected traders continue to count their losses, some of them have been combing through the ashes only to come across the Bible untouched although everything around it in a Kente shop got burnt into ashes.

One of the several speechless eyewitnesses told's Philip Abutiate in an interview that the discovery underscores the need for every living being to believe in God and take his word seriously.

According to a gentleman whose name was not disclosed, the Bible lay right by a table on which tons of Kente cloth and money was packed.

Interestingly, everything in the shop including all the kente cloths and the table but the Bible which was just beside them was safe.


"What happened at the Odawna Market was a massive disaster but the Bible was able to survive which proves the power in the word of God and the fact that it needs to be regarded with all seriousness," the young man said when asked what he made of the discovery, while other eyewitnesses nodded in agreement.



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