Teenager unhappy with dad who thinks school is not for girls

The interest of a father who believes the school is only meant for boys has devastated his daughter who misses learning.

The teenager who moved from Zaria to Abuja with her family in the year 2017, expressed a sore eyes for old friends who often teach her the English alphabet when they return from school.

Her thoughts were shared on a Facebook discussion platform, The Humans of Abuja.

In a post published on Wednesday, February 7, 2018, the narrator displayed an interest to return to her former city which offered her an opportunity to learn.

"My family just moved to Abuja November last year. My brothers were very happy when we relocated, except me. I really don't like it here because I miss my friends in Zaria.

"My brothers are the only ones my father enrolled In school. He said school isn't important for girls. But my friends in Zaria who are girls are in school.

"I would always go to their houses once they were back from school, so they could teach me everything they learnt. They taught me how to recite the alphabet, 36 states and capital and also taught me how to read and write.

"I do not have any friend here yet who would teach me things. Sometimes when i think of my friends Ada and Bola I become sad. I really wish to go back to Zaria," the teenage girl expressed.

Orphans rescued from HIV-positive grandmother who blames them for disease

In Cross-River State, Nigeria, a child protection agency has rescued three female orphans who have endured harsh treatment from their grandmother who blamed them for contracting the HIV disease.

The victims who were accused of witchcraft are aged 13, 5, and 3 years old respectively have reportedly lost their parents. They suffered streaks of torture from their guardian who reportedly invited their uncle to beat them.

Scars displayed on their backs appear indelible signs of their troubled past.

The oldest among the trio defended her siblings refuting claims that they are witches. She remarked in a chat with Vanguard News the meagre daily meal available to them, which often comes after an intense labour.


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