Grandmother gets 4 life terms for raping her grandchildren

A 53-year-old grandmother has been handed four consecutive life terms in prison for raping her grand children.

An Ohio grandmother, Edwina Louis, who took delight in raping her four grand kids for years, has been convicted on four counts of rape to go along with child endangerment and kidnapping charges, and has been sentenced to four consecutive life sentences.

The Judge, William Marshall described the 53-year-old woman as the 'most evil person I've ever seen' as she did not show any remorse nor shed a tear during the hearing.

The court heard that Louis’ four victims, three girls and one boy, all under the age of 12, were often tied up for up to weeks at a time while the abuse went on.

Louis would only untie them long enough for the kids to take online classes or go to the bathroom.

The children were also malnourished and authorities said Louis kept locks on the refrigerator that only the adults had a key to.

As punishment, the kids were forced to stand against a wall with their arms up to their sides for long periods of time and if they dropped their arms, they were beaten, two of the female victims told the court.


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