Female student allegedly faints after hearing her lecturer died of HIV/AIDS

News about the death of a lecturer which allegedly occurred as a result of HIV or AIDS infection has hit hard one of his female students to the extent that she “fainted 3 times”.

Student allegedly faints after hearing her lecturer died of HIV/AIDS

A Twitter user identified as @Spend0Gustav0 shared the story of the lady’s reaction to the lecturer’s death, wondering why she was concerned.

According to the tweep, the lady who has fainted happens to be his coursemate.

My Female coursemate fainted 3 times after she heard the news that our lecturer died of AIDS.

“I no understand why she faint o,” @Spend0Gustav0 wrote on Twitter.

His tweet has got many of his followers reacting with some of them speculating that the lady in question must have slept with the deceased lecture before, without protection.

Meanwhile, in other news, a man who has probably lost trust in humans has decided to marry his rice cooker which he said: “doesn’t talk much”.

The Indonesian man who could not hide his joy after tying the knot the veil-wearing rice cooker took to social media to upload photos of the marriage ceremony which was sealed and signed at the registry.

The photos show him adoring the rice cooker before lifting the white veil and then kissing it, just like it is done at normal wedding events.

Identified as Khoirul Anam, the man wore a white outfit with golden embroidery to complete it.

He is seen signing some documents at the registry in the presence of witnesses and officials.

Praising his new bride and why he chose to spend the rest of his life with ‘her’, Khoirul Anam said: “She is white (fair), doesn’t talk much, and is great at cooking.”

Well, he is not blazing a trail in marrying a rice cooker. Stories of both women and men marrying inanimate things abound online.

One can only wish the new couple a happy marriage as it embarks on a honeymoon which marks the beginning of lifelong companionship.


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