A 37-year-old Indian man, Vasudev Nanaiah was arrested and charged with 21 counts of theft after it came to light that he had stolen about 120 TV sets in four months from hotels he had lodged in within the period.

According to odditycentral.com, the man’s modus operadi was to book hotel rooms via phone and pay part of the bills, claiming that he would be staying for days.

Police sources said Vasudev Nanaiah would behave during his stay in the hotels well in such a way that will not raise the suspicion of staff.

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Because he presents himself as a gentleman and behaves accordingly, hotel staff get so used to his going in and out of the premises that, as and when he bolts with the facility’s Television sets they are not able to detect it.

This seems to be what the man does for a living and does it regularly until luck eluded him recently when he was finally busted.

Reports further suggest that he had been arrested earlier in October when he was caught red-handed doing his normal thing. He was granted bail, and instead of changing from his pilfering the conman rather improved his ‘business’. His latest arrest happened in Bangalore where police said “We arrested him earlier this month when he was trying to sell TV sets to a shopkeeper, who alerted the police.”

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Police deputy commissioner, Chetan Singh Rathor explained that, “He would walk in and out of the hotel on some pretext so many times that the hotel reception would not realize when he had walked out with the TV set never to return.”

After his arrest, a total of 120 TV sets were discovered which he reportedly stole within four months.