A Nigerian pastor alleged to be gay has been reportedly arrested by police recently following accusations that he was engaged in sodomy and gay prostitution, which resulted in him infecting some underage boys with HIV.

Chizemdere Ezuma, founder of Jesus Intervention Household Ministry, Ejigbo, Lagos reportedly went into hiding for three months after he was declared wanted by police in relation to the accusations.

When some informants tipped off the police about his reemergence after coming out from the hideout, he reportedly jumped and hid himself in the ceiling of his house for about two hours, just to escape arrest.

The man of God’s woes began after a 16-year-old victim, Anthony Ikem made a confession which implicated him and another gay prostitute, Prince Chinecherem.

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Gay pastor cries like a baby as he was arrested for infecting underage boys with HIV

Reports say the minor was spotted sneaking out of pastor Ezuma’s house, holding a polythene bag containing condoms and other items. When he was questioned, he revealed that he was just one of the many people the man of God had been sleeping with, adding that he sometimes connected them with some VIPs for the same purpose.

Medical examination conducted on Anthony Ikem revealed he was HIV-positive.

The pastor was reportedly moved to the Gender Section at the Police Command Ikeja, to curtail incessant pressures from some unnamed influential persons to get him released.

According to gistreel.com, investigations found that he brought about 15 boys into his residence and sodomised them, and claimed to have paid each of them N2,000 after abusing them.

A source is quoted as saying: “The reverend confirmed he is HIV+ and has been receiving treatment for over three years. So, he knew he was HIV positive and still infected his victims and clients with it.”