The controversial pastor is on record as having said last year that men who lick their partners’ private parts are bound to live long, while others who fail to make their wives reach orgasm are eligible candidates for hell.

Now, he is reported as saying that, mentioning Jesus and God while screaming during an orgasmic sexual intercourse amount to mentioning the names in vain as the Bible preaches against.

 “Whether you are making the love with your husband or your boyfriend, once you scream the name of Jesus Christ while in the act there is no way you will not go to hell”, Kumchacha is quoted as having said during a discussion on UTV.

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“God is not his personal property it is the omnipresent God we all know. Read Exodus 21:1-7 it says you should not mention the name of God in vain. So while being romanced if you are mentioning the name like that you commit a big sin. If care is not taken you could be flogged one day by invisible hands while in the act” the prophet added.

While the man of God might have a point, it appears he forgot or chose to forget that as men lick their wives’ private parts as he advocates, all in the bid to make them attain orgasm, the women become unconscious during that period and say certain things including mentioning the names of God and Jesus unknowingly.

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If calling the names of God and Jesus is such a serious unforgivable sin for which women will go to hell, what happens to the men who cause the pain or excessive pleasure to them, for which reason they are calling for God and Jesus’ help?

It means while men are fighting for space in heaven by giving their wives orgasm, the women are also missing heaven by mentioning God and Jesus.

Should people stop making love then? Because nobody wants to miss heaven.

Well, you can draw your own conclusions, but God himself is the final judge.

Don't forget that some men also scream ‘Jesus, oh my God’ during sex.