An angry has man allegedly poured boiling water on two gay men, one of whom is his girlfriend’s son, as they lay in bed in their College Park apartment, according to Channel 2 Action News.

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Martin Blackwell, 48, has been in the Fulton County jail on two counts for aggravated battery, online records show.

According to a police report obtained by Channel 2, the suspect told authorities that “it was just a little hot water on them.” He described disgust with the men’s relationship in the police report.

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The attack happened at an apartment on Buffington Road in February. The mother of one of the victims, Anthony Gooden, shared the apartment with her son.

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One of the victims, Marquez Tolbert, spent 10 days at Grady Memorial Hospital undergoing surgery, which took skin from his thigh to replace skin on his back. Gooden was also discharged from the hospital on Friday.