Narrating her ordeal, the victim identified only as Afia said: “My glass was rolled down and I was seated right behind the driver. So when he got there, he just put his hand through the window and then squeezed my breast. I was so shocked because I least expected that from the police officer on duty. So I asked why he would do that. My friend also questioned him on why he would do that to me. Then he said when he finishes with me, he will go over and do same to my friend.”

“I asked him again why he would do that and he told me he was checking for breast cancer because he was assigned and it was part of his duties to check breasts and everything.” She further added.

Well, it appears that this straw has broken the camel’s back. The Kwabenya District Police Command has vowed that the officer will be made a scapegoat if found culpable, to serve as a deterrent to other officers.

“We don’t condone such crimes because t is wrong for a police officer to assault anybody sexually. Even if you have been assigned to conduct search on people, it should be done male to a male and female to female. It should not be male to female. When that happens, it amounts to gross misconduct and we would not take it lightly,” The District Police Commander Supt. Kombat Damontin is quoted as saying.

He denied with vehemence the notion that the police services always jump to the defence of its officers against the civilians regardless of evidence of wrongdoing.

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“The lady among other things indicated that the police officer who perpetrated this act has told her that anywhere she reports this case, it will not yield results.

”I am telling the general public that this is not true. If some police officers do that, then it’s not under my command. I will take this matter and investigate it to the latter. If the police officer is found culpable, we will put justice where justice belongs”, Supt. Kombat Damontin warned.

As investigations are underway, all fingers are crossed and eyes open to see how the police handle this case.