A video circulating online shows a long queue of women jostling to buy the said charms to sweeten their vaginas so as to leave their sex partners with no option than to sheepishly shower them with anything at all they request from them without hesitation.

Mama Gee who also sells amulets in the form of beads that ladies are supposed to wear, explained that her products are made from herbs, some of which women must insert in their vaginas to make them sweeter than ever to any man who has sex with them.

The viral video shows many ‘slay queens’ and other women, including lactating mothers waiting patiently and moving one after the other to be served.

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As they approach the sales attendant, they then tell her the kind of charm they need, and then they are served.

Meanwhile, according to Ghpage.com, the FDA has arrested Mama Gee with the help of the police, apparently because the authority has not tested the concoctions to ascertain whether they are safe for use, as being championed.

Watch the video below and see if you can identify any of the women among those in the queue: