The poor woman has desperation all over her writing as she makes no effort to hide her identity. She wrote, “I honestly need help n I won’t hide my ID to seek this help.”

Conferring to her narrative, her brother has been acting strange ever since he ate with the woman (now her sister-in-law). She said her brother left his educated girlfriend for the .plantain seller in-law. 

She recounted incidences where her brother turned into a thief to satisfy this strange woman. He stole from their mother, herself and even at work which eventually led to him being fired from his workplace. 

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She wrote, “My brother graduated from poly n was dating a very hard working beautiful educated lady, this lady in the picture was selling plantain n cassava when my mum called her in to buy some. My brother never even looked at her way for a second. The next day according to my mum she came back with food and invited my brother to share with her. And he foolishly did, from that day on he fought with his educated girlfriend and kicked her out of the house. They had bought things together for marriage, my brother sold all of them for his girl,”

My brother has been bewitched
My brother has been bewitched

Apparently, he even went to marry her secretly in the village without the consent of his family. She believes her brother has been charmed and is seeking for help to rid her family of her sis-in-law.