Man shows his girlfriend how to ask for money- do you agree with him?

According to this gentleman beating about the bush would never make his wallet appear. 

WhatsApp convo2

The role money plays in a relationship is a very tricky one which has made and unmade relationships. But if you find yourself with a man who isn’t ‘the normal kind of guy’ then don’t expect ‘a cultural based kind of relationship’ with him. 

Conferring to this not ‘normal kind of guy’, here is how to ask him for money;

•  2-3 days’ notice for a need that is not an emergency

  I need money (I don’t like it) instead of saying I need ‘insert the figure’ (I like it)

•  Buy me something (I don’t like it) instead of saying buy me ‘insert specific item, quantity and quality. And brand, texture and colour preference (I love it)

Ladies how many of y’all will date this fine gentleman. 

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