His submissions came on the heels of the recent fracas involving policemen in Abuja raping alleged prostitutes they had locked in the cells. 

According to previous news updates, police task force stormed pubs and clubs in Abuja and arrested several young women on suspicion of being prostitutes. Following their arrest, they were detained in the cells for a couple of days where they were brutally assaulted. 

The assaults which included forcefully having sex with the alleged prostitutes sparked an outrage in the community calling for disciplinary action to be taken against the policemen. 

In view of this, Imeh Bishop has added his voice and stated that the rape charge against the policemen should be changed to theft. Conferring to him, forcibly having sex with a prostitute is not rape but rather a theft since you just stole what they are already selling. 

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He said, “the charge should not be rape because there’s a difference between rape and stealing. For rape, you have sex and forcefully collect their dignity and self-pride. But a prostitute does not have self-pride and dignity. So what actually happened is stealing because they forcefully collected what the prostitute is selling without paying.” 

Rape is a very sensitive topic and has always generated great controversial debates across all spheres. But in whatever circumstance, rape is rape.