A 28-year-old female prison guard at the Ohio’s Butler county prison in the United States is facing trial for allegedly having sex with a male prison inmate.

Africanspotlight.com reported that jail authorities have said Newel who had been on the job for only 18 months is also answering to charges relating to bringing illegal imports into the jail.

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Dayton Daily News reported Butler County Sheriff, Richard Jones as having said that Newel has been charged with two counts of felony, sexual battery and two counts of conveyance, a misdemeanor, and more charges are likely to be proffered as and when the authorities deem it fit.

The New York Post also reported that, as soon as prison authorities heard that she had brought a cellphone and electronic cigarettes into the jail, Newel was sacked immediately.

Maj. Mike Craft of the Butler County Sheriff’s Office said a Sergeant of the facility “had seen some things that he didn’t think were right. He did a great job bringing the information to us.”

Maj. Mike Craft revealed that Newel had confessed during interrogations that she had had sex with a male inmate. Further investigations are underway.

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In a statement, Butler County Sheriff, Richard Jones said that “Being a corrections officer is a noble but tough job. These men and women work hard and always have to be on their guard.

“My employees take pride in their work and strive to ensure this facility maintains a great reputation. She has tarnished that and I do not want people like that working for me.”