A Kenyan Uber driver has revealed how he took advantage of a slay queen and made her reluctantly buy him fuel to fill his car after she patronised his service and wanted to appear bossy.

Kelvine Skillz King, a netizen posted on Facebook that the said slay queen had asked him to present himself as her personal driver, saying she was scheduled to meet her colleague slay queens in town, and he agreed.

He narrated that: “She came onboard and told me she was going to pick her lady friends and I should act as if she owns the car and I am her personal chauffeur. Just before we reached our destination, she tells me to go to the supermarket and buy her some dog food.”

Smart as he was, he asked the ‘boss’ in the presence of her colleagues to buy him fuel worth KSh 1,000 to fill the car’s tank.

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“Madam Boss, today I have driven for so long and the car has consumed a lot of fuel. The one you added in the morning is already over. Please help me with money to refill the tank,” Kelvine asked the slay queen unexpectedly.

The slay queen had wanted to refuse the nonsensical request by her ‘personal driver’, but she quickly remembered her fellow slay queens were present, hence did not want to expose her pretense.

So, reluctantly, she gave Kelvine the money for the refill and they proceeded with the rounds.

He said: “I dropped them off at Greenspot Kamakis and ended the trip. She kept texting and demanding me to return her money.”

The smart Uber driver said he has since refuse to pick up his ‘boss’’ calls.