A Nashville court in Tennessee state, US handed down the sentence to Danny C Perry II after judges and complainants proved he knowingly spread HIV/Aids to many women.

Daily Metro reported that Danny had been living with the incurable disease since 2003 and has had sexual relationships with 19 women.

The convict got found out after one of his unnamed victims got access to his Facebook chats and realised that he had had sex with other women in the last two years. She then decided to be tested and the result proved that she had contracted the sexually transmitted disease.

According to The Tennessean, when the disturbed woman confronted Danny, the softball player pretended he had not known anything about being HIV/AIDS positive.

HIV+ man jailed for 6 years for intentionally having unprotected sex with 19 women
HIV+ man jailed for 6 years for intentionally having unprotected sex with 19 women

The woman then chose to sue him and during the prosecution, the assistant district attorney Kate Boston Melby said Danny did not use protection even though he had sex with the victim who launched a complaint, reports say.

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“He deliberately infected someone with HIV, knew he was infected with HIV, and knew that he could prevent HIV by taking medication and using other forms of protection. And he still chose to be reckless in the lives of others,” Kate told the court.

The prosecution office urged all women who may have slept with Danny to own up to be helped.

"Mr. Perry is a predator. And we’re here for any victims who have the strength and courage to come forward. We want them to know we’ll support them no matter what the circumstances," Kate added.