House wife runs for her life after being caught with lesbian partner

Lesbian has been caught red handed cheating on her husband with partner

House wife runs for her life after being caught with lesbien partner

The woman, Ellen Ofori, a mother of four whose husband is even out of the country on a business trip, was allegedly caught with a friend, one Maame Afua Wendy, also a married woman, fondling each other in a guest house at Mamponteng, a town to the south of Kumasi on November 3 this year.

According to a security man who works at the said guest house, pleading anonymity, the two women usually visit the place at weekends and rent a room which they always shared but nobody suspected anything sinister. He further narrated that on Saturday November 3, 2018 however, a mob of young men led by a cousin of Mrs. Ofori’s husband stormed the guest house soon after the women came there and forcefully demanded the spare keys to their room, overpowered the receptionist and took the keys.

According to eyewitnesses, when the room was opened the women were caught apparently kissing and fondling each other passionately even for a long time before they realised that they had been caught much to the chagrin of the incensed mob who pounced on them and beat them up mercilessly.

The security man who was on duty managed to call for back-up and his colleagues, some of who were not even on duty arrived within a few minutes to rescue the women and drive away the irate young men by threatening to call the Police.

“About one hour after we made sure the guys were completely gone and it was a bit dark, the women asked that we allow them to go home. We even wanted to escort them to their houses but they said they preferred to go quietly on their own. So we allowed them hoping for the best,” the security man disclosed.

Meanwhile, the assailants especially the family of her husband are daily expressing their anger in chants at her father’s house almost every day and are demanding to see her and beat her up. According to the husband’s cousin, they had suspected their brother’s wife for a long time but there was no concrete evidence so they planned to spy and follow her movements especially when her husband was out of town. That was what led them to catch the woman and her friend at the guest house where lo and behold they were proven right.

True to the words of the security man at the guest house, Ellen Ofori’s family confirmed that she has run away and nobody knows her whereabouts, not even her husband who has travelled.



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