"I only found out after she got pregnant" - Ghanaian man cries after dating cousin

A Ghanaian man has lamented how he is unable to go back home after realising that the girlfriend he has impregnated is his aunt’s daughter, an act considered abominable in his village.

I only found out after she got pregnant - Ghanaian man cries after dating cousin

According to the man whose name has been concealed, he and the lady had dated for a considerable time before she became pregnant, but they both didn’t know they are related by blood.


“I only found out after she got pregnant. We dated for a while and we did not know we were blood relatives until she got pregnant. We had to go home to see her parents and that’s when I realised she was my cousin,” the heartbroken man said on Accra-based Happy FM.

He further revealed that the truth only came to light after his cousin visited their village with the pregnancy. She is currently living with her mother.


He cried that the development is so abominable that he is unable to return to his village although they have sent for him to come for the matter to be resolved.

“She has sent for me so the matter is settled but I cannot go.”

He said his life has not been the same after he realized that he and the cousin have committed an “abomination”.



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