A troubled woman who claims to have contracted HIV after having sex with her ex-boyfriend to pay back her cheating husband is now seeking advice from the public.

According to the confused woman, she had sex with her ex-boyfriend who invited her for lunch, while her husband whom she had been bitter towards for cheating on her had also traveled for a long time.

She claimed that, out of stress, loneliness and bitterness, she ended up having what she referred to as “Stupid fling” with the ex-lover.

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In a letter addressed to Facebook relationship blogger, David Papa Bondze-Mbir, the lady said that she recently found out that she is HIV positive, and does not know if she contracted it from her cheating husband or the ex-boyfriend.

She wrote:

“Hello David Bondze,

“Good evening. I just read a post you shared from your website ‘Needle in the Hay’ and I am terrified. My husband also traveled for some time and I messed up. I gave in to an ex, who invited me over for lunch, and one thing led to another. It was just a stupid fling. I was stressed and lonely and hurt. My husband was having an affair and it had clouded my thinking and feelings.

“I recently found out I am HIV+ and I do not know whether or not I got it from my ex or husband. Neither of the men knows about my recent detection. What do I do, Dave?” – From a troubled wife.

I slept with ex-boyfriend to retaliate my cheating husband, now I don’t know which of them gave me HIV

What is your advice for this troubled woman?