African toddler dismembered body parts found in a park lagoon [Identity remains unknown]

A young African child whose dismembered remains were found in a park lagoon over the weekend identity still remains unknown.

The Sketch of the African boy whose body parts were found in a Lagoon in America

Following a horrific discovery, authorities in Chicago are working to identify a young child whose dismembered remains were found in a park lagoon over the weekend.

“We will find who did this, and we will hold them accountable,” a police department spokesman, Anthony Guglielmi, told The Washington Post.

Guglielmi added: "I don’t have the words strong enough to describe how reprehensible this incident is,"

A black-and-white drawing was released showing an African American or bi-racial child between the ages of two and three with large wide eyes and a chubby face.

Detectives are hoping someone will recognize the toddler based on the sketch. Even before its release, about 150 calls with possible tips came in for police detectives.

The first remains were discovered Saturday afternoon when a frantic woman called 911 to report a foot floating in the lagoon. It turned out to be the left foot of the child, according to authorities.

Police later found the child's other foot and both hands toward the north end of the lagoon about 25 yards away. Late the next day, the child's head was discovered near where other body parts were found.

Authorities are draining the lagoon using water pumps to aid the search for the rest of the body and more evidence.

More than 100 divers and law enforcement officials are helping with the case, which has been described by Chicago PD's top brass as a '24/7' investigation.

The drawing was done by veteran sketch artist Tim McPhillips of the Cook County sheriff's office. McPhillips said he relied on photos, X-rays and a firsthand look at remains to make the drawing "as accurate as I can get it."


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