Meet the world's youngest transgender after parent discovered he was trying to cut off his manhood

Meet the world youngest trangender, she was pronounced transgender after her mum caught her trying to cut off her ‘private part’ at three years old.

Daniel turned Danni

Since then, Kerry McFadyen, from Scotland, has let her child, Daniel, live as Danni, after she realised she was more interested in dolls than footballs.


The 32-year-old came across Daniel trying to cut off his 'Private Part' in the bathroom of her home in Strathspey, Scotland. Daniel said he wanted to cut off his penis so he could be a girl.

Mrs McFadyen told Daily Mail that she was stunned by what she calls 'the bathroom incident' but that she could not stand to see her child unhappy.

She said: 'He was in the bath. And somehow he'd managed to find a pair of scissors. When I turned around he was holding them above his manhood.


'I tried to be calm and asked him what he was doing, and he told me he was about to cut off his willy so he could be a girl.

'I told him he couldn't because he'd hurt himself and bleed a lot and I calmly took them from him and gave him a big hug.

'It was very upsetting to see him like that, no mum should have to see their child so upset in their own skin.'

It led to his parents making the difficult decision to allow Daniel to become Danni, in what is believed to be the UK's youngest case of a child wanting to change sex.

The mother, who has four other children - Amy Leigh, 14, Ayden, 10, Dylan, eight, and Charlie, four, said the situation was overwhelming and she initially agonised over the decision with her husband.


Doctors told them they could give Danni, now six, drugs to postpone puberty as well as hormone treatments, and then have gender realignment surgery on the NHS at 18.

Family and friends have called her Danni ever since and, after talking about it with her teachers, her mother and father wrote to other parents explaining she would be coming back to school as a girl.

She said the response was very positive, with almost every other parent of Danni's class offering support and praising the couple's bravery, while the school installed unisex toilets to make her more comfortable.

It was that reaction which Mrs McFadyen says gave her the confidence to talk about the fact that she now considers her youngest son, a daughter.

She said: 'I've chosen to go public with Danni's story to raise awareness for other transgender children and their parents who may be suffering in silence.'


While Mrs McFadyen has lost some friends because they don't approve of her decision to let her child transition so young, she stands by her decision.

She said: 'Most people might think I'm a bad mother for letting my child transition so young, but I will do anything to make my child happy.'



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