Mother chains lazy son, parades him on the streets

A Chinese mother whose son refused to work took a humiliating step to put him in check.

A mother putting her son in place

A Chinese woman, tired of the antics of her 17-year-old son of not wanting to be useful to himself and always running away from home, decided to humiliate him by parading him in the streets of Yongkang in the Zhejiang province, in chains.

According to Shaangaist, the residents of the area were shocked to see the boy shuffling through the streets with his hands and feet chained together, followed by his loving mother.

As passersby took photographs and recorded the bizarre punishment, the furious mother tried to explain why she took the action.

"He never wants to work and always just runs away. Runs away and hides from his family. We search for a long time, and then once we find him, he runs away again! I have no other option."

Can this public humiliation really work in Nigeria?


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