A 73-year-old grandmother was questioned by police following a report by her neighbour that, she splashed water and sand on their car, while watering her hanging baskets.

Police officers visited Mrs. Lynda Middleton’s residence after her neighbour claimed that dirt from her flowers fell onto the car which was parked below her property in Borehamwood, Hertfordshire.

The old lady said she was devastated by the sight of the officers, saying she was “made to feel like a criminal”. She claimed she was restless when she saw police on her doorstep.

Two community support officers, according to Mrs Middleton, were sent to her home to resolve the issue.

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According to The Sun, the woman said “I was very frightened and my heart was pounding.

“But then they said they had called about me watering my flowers. I was devastated.

“I don't think I'm a criminal but they made me feel like one. Nobody can believe they'd waste their time speaking to me with other issues going on in the area.”

Her daughter, Emma is reported to have described the scenario as “absurd” to learn that police had visited her mother's property for such a trivial reason.

Many people, including Tory MP Andrew Bridgen were of the view that, police have “much more important things to investigate.”

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However, a Hertfordshire Constabulary spokesperson said “two PCSOs visited an address in Borehamwood, on Monday to help to resolve a neighbour dispute regarding water and soil from hanging baskets leaking onto a parked car.

“Officers stressed that no-one was at fault. They were simply there to help resolve the issue and provided possible solutions.

“As part of their duties within the community, PCSOs often help to facilitate resolutions between neighbours, which helps to prevent issues from escalating and possibly requiring further police intervention in the future.”