Woman given 100 strokes in public for committing adultery

A woman who was accused of adultery in Afghanistan was given 100 lashes of the whip.

This woman was publicly flogged for sleeping with a married man

An Afghanistan woman who was accused of committing adultery in the Ghor district of that country was sentenced to receive 100 lashes of the cane in public, while the man who allegedly slept with her and a large group of men gathered to watch, with some making fun of her and cheering the man up.

The woman was wrapped from head to toe when she received the punishment by a man who was armed with a leather whip and wearing a turban.

The punishment was endorsed by the government, where the trial was held, with a government official saying it was held in public in order to teach people a lesson.

The woman and the lover boy had a long sexual relationship, but were only arrested earlier this month.

A judge said that the sentence was consistent with the Constitution and criminal law.


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