A newly wedded couple was compelled to cut short their honeymoon and go their separate ways in anger, as the wife had refused to give her husband sex during the first week in the special time.

The couple are reportedly from an Arab country, and the man apparently had not had sex with the woman prior to their marriage.

However, after performing the marriage in Dubai and went to Europe for the honeymoon, the wife took an entrenched position.

According to Gulf News, when the couple truncated their enjoyment and came back, the woman headed to her parent’s home right from the airport, while the man angrily went to Dubai Courts to file for divorce.

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The Gulf News quoted a source as saying: “The couple did not sleep together during what was a planned and hoped-for honeymoon.

"The wife didn’t allow her husband to have consensual sex with her.

"She even accused him of being tight-fisted and stingy in terms of spending money on her. Meanwhile, the husband accuses his wife of being lavish and one who spends money extravagantly and unnecessarily.”

The court then referred the case to a marriage counsellor of its Family Guidance and Reconciliation Section.

However, all efforts to resolve the matter amicably has not worked as both parties are adamant.

The case was therefore referred again to the Sharia Court for a probable dissolution.

The Gulf News source said: "The husband is expected to present his submissions to the Sharia judge and the wife as well. A hearing will be held soon.”