The eloquent journalist and her husband, Kobby Hanson have left Ghanaians in a state of awe after they decided to share their Covid-19 experience which unfortunately occurred at the time of their 10th wedding anniversary.

The lovely couple made a video to tell their story in a bid to educate the public about the virus and entreat them to take the reality of its existence more seriously than ever.

According to Kokui, while they were preparing for their 10th marriage anniversary on January 1, 2021, she lost her sense of smell and that prompted her to do a COVID-19 test at the Noguchi Memorial Institute.

She added that aside from the loss of sense of smell, she didn’t experience any other symptoms such as cough or feverishness but the result of the test came out positive when she went for it the next day.

She then quickly called her husband on the phone to inform him about the development before starting to isolate herself to avoid spreading the virus to others.

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Interestingly, Mr. Hanson who didn’t experience any symptoms of Covid-19 also thought it wise to go for the test the next day Sunday and the result was positive too.

They have since been in self-isolation and going through a smooth recovery process.

Thankfully, they look hale and hearty in the video and could be seen cracking jokes and making fun of themselves.

The good news is that during the difficult period their children were not with them at home, so the virus did not spread to them.

The Hanson family is entreating the Ghanaian public to observe the Covid-19 protocols strictly to stay safe.

Watch them in the video below as they share their story:

Ghana’s Coronavirus situation seemed to be improving towards the end of 2020 but there’s been a spike in cases in recent weeks.

Currently, the country has 1,924 active cases while 352 persons have died in the process, according to data from the Ghana Health Service.