Woman accused of beating boyfriend because he because he refused her sex

A woman who beat up her boyfriend for refusing to sleep with her has been arrested.

Tabithia Grooms

A 35-year-old Georgia, USA woman, Tabithia Grooms, has been arrested and charged for assault after allegedly beating up her boyfriend because he refused to have sex with her, the police in that country said.

According to investigation, Grooms had asked her boyfriend for sex early in the morning but when she refused, she got mad and left the home for several hours before coming back in the evening.

When she came back, she descended on the man and beat him up several times, hitting him on the face, head and neck before biting his arm.

During the assault, Grooms reportedly confessed that she had sex with numerous men because he refused to sleep with her early in the day.

Her boyfriend escaped to the bathroom and called police and when police arrived, she threatened to run over one of the officers with a baby carriage.


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