US woman arrested for kidnapping man, forcing him to perform oral sex on her

A woman has been arrested in the USA for abducting a man and using him as her sex slave.

The sex abductor, Cathy Priest

A Jackson, Mississippi, USA woman, Cathy Priest, has been arrested by the police for allegedly kidnapping a man and keeping him as a her sex slave for several days, and forcing him to perform oral sex on her, reports Jackson Times.

The police reports that the 43-year-old Priest abducted the man while he was walking through the town and forced him into her car at gun point.

She then drove him to her home in Clinton, bound his hands and ankles, inserted a butt plug into his rectum and forced him to suck her breasts and private parts for the seven days she held him captive.

The victim managed to escape from Priest after she passed out aftre drinking several boxes of wine and drugs.

In his statement to the police, the victim said:

"She made me eat her, you know, vagina and her anus despite me begging and crying for her to not make me do it. But she had a .357 pointed at me and said she’d shoot me in the foot.

At one point, she tried to make me penetrate her, but I couldn’t get an erection, despite her giving me oral, and putting a vacuum cleaner hose over my penis and turning it on."

The police however seized the weapon she used to threaten the victim and in addition, have accounts from many witnesses who found the bound victim, stating he was highly distressed. She has been charged with kidnapping and sexual torture.

The victim was able to shuffle out of the house after, he said, Priest passed out after drinking several boxes of wine and taking what he thought to be Xanax. Otherwise, he said, Priest never slept.


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