The Nigerian lady had gone to the Elimgbu Civic Centre in Port Harcourt when she was allegedly given a needle and thread to sew the jean before she was attended to.

According to, a popular Twitter influencer, Lazy Writa who shared the story on the micro-blogging platform, another lady was sent back home without being attended to because she wore a skimpy skirt.

He further alleged that the lady with the ripped jean paid three thousand naira for the National identity card, but was delayed until she sews the ripped part of the jean, the news portal further reported.

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“They gave this girl needle and thread to sew her ripped jean together before they attended to her today just to get a National I.D. After paying N3,000 too Nigeria’s problem is very deep.

“The other girl with a short skirt was sent back because ‘You don’t have respect for the Nigerian government’ On top National ID that you are paying for.

Anyways, this happened at Elimgbolu Civic Centre Portharcourt today, For a temporary card o, It is well with Nigeria,” Lazy Writa’s tweet reads.

In related news around this time last year, a lady simply identified as Samantha claimed to have been driven out of a church in Abuja alongside her cousin for wearing what the church’s authorities deemed unfit for the house of God.

Sharing a short video of herself and her cousin to display the dresses in contention, Samantha said she felt demeaned just as her cousin did.

“Good morning and happy Sunday. This very fine Sunday morning, I was chased away from the house of God for dressing indecently. I am a sinner no doubt but my God didn’t tell me to look like a piece of shit because I’m going to church. and am marvelled as to how I and my cousin look indecent am trying to understand and digest this.

"It’s pretty unfortunate because we are own problems imagine depriving myself of sleep to attend church to praise God and thank him for my life only to be chased back we were Blocked right from the gate and were treated in the most humiliating manner but thank God I could stay calm God gave me the mind to overlook I respected the fact I was in his presence it’s sad how even serving God is mad hard for us humans the content if the heart is what matters not the physical appearance reasons why a lot of people are discouraged going to the house of God.

Growing up I was taught one thing God said come as you are. I believe that’s what God is truly like. After all, is said and done to God be the glory, I wasn’t allowed to attend Mass we were all sent back home.

It’s just sickening, the mentality of people the church as a whole we need to address these issues. You’re going to the house of God to seek rest and peace? Well that’s where the real trouble is .and it shouldn’t be so I was born and brought up a Catholic I know what I should at least wear to church I am sensible enough to different bad from Good at least I should know what is presentable enough but oh well. Well, I see nothing wrong with what I and my cousin are wearing but I guess the church has a problem with it,” Samantha wrote.