Man barks like a dog after being bitten by a rabid dog

It is very saddening to watch a young man barking like a dog after being bitten by a rabid dog. That is why we all need to take care of our pets and thrive to get our streets rid of stray dogs.

Rabies victim

This video is disheartening to watch, as a young man’s family stand by helplessly as he lay wasting away on a gurney. According to the person recording the video, the young man was bitten by a dog which was carrying the rabies virus unknown to him. And for two weeks he didn't seek medical treatment until the virus spread through his brain and infected his CNS rendering him in such a vegetable state. 

Unfortunately, he got to the hospital late and was forming and barking like a dog by the time he attended. Medical personnel on the floor were seen doing their possible best to keep him alive and sane. But I do not know how that would turn out since usually at that stage the victim is as good as dead. 

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Please seek medical attention as soon as you are bitten by any mammal. The rabies vaccine is only effective 24 hours with the introduction of the virus time frame. After three days it becomes useless as it cannot fight the virus anymore. 



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