The Municipal Health Directorate in Keta in the Volta region has directed at all stray dogs in the community are killed to prevent the spread of rabies.

Between Monday and Tuesday, the Keta Municipal Hospital recorded about five cases of dog bites.

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The Municipal Health Directorate has, therefore, taken steps to ensure that the spread of rabies is curbed.

To this end, the Directorate has ordered that all stray dogs found in the community be killed to ensure they do not infect other dogs with rabies.

The Keta Municipal Health Director, Perfect Titiati, said the directive forms part of surveillance requirements to formally notify all stakeholders to be on alert to prevent the burden of rabies in the human population.

In a statement, she said the dog bites recorded so far cannot be confirmed to be rabies-infected, but it would be better to play safe by doing away with all stray dogs.

“Even though it has not been confirmed that the dog is infected with rabies, the nature of the bites is highly suggestive.

“The victims are all children between the ages of one year to eight years and the bites occurred at the upper part of the body towards the heart and brain,” Mrs. Titiati noted.

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The rabies virus can lead to disease in the brain and eventually death when it infects the central nervous system.

Mrs. Titiati advised residents to be wary of the symptoms and to make sure they seek immediate treatment when cases of rabies infection are suspected.

“Specifically we entreat all stakeholders particularly Health Facility Staff, local media and the Public Health Emergency Committee Members to: Promote public awareness on dog bites and rabies case (i.e a person with headache, neck pain, nausea, fever, fear of water, anxiety, agitation, abnormal sensations or pain at wound site with close contact of infected saliva through bites & scratches),” the statement added.