American democrats in New Jersey are calling for women to be allowed to access marijuana-based products in order to ease menstrual cramps.

Four New Jersey assembly politicians have introduced the bill which calls for doctors to be allowed to prescribe marijuana for menstrual cramps.

The bill sponsors noted that the move follows the release of a new line of marijuana products being marketed by actress and New Jersey resident Whoopi Goldberg, that are specifically aimed at women who experience discomfort during their periods.

In a media statement, the bill sponsors said by law, medical marijuana can be prescribed by doctors in New Jersey for specific conditions such as epilepsy, glaucoma; HIV, AIDS or cancer accompanied by severe pain, and terminal illness with a prognosis of less than one year.

The democrats want menstrual cramps to be added to the list, as long as the patient is not responsive to other, more conventional medical treatments.

One of the sponsors, Tim Eustace, said “by denying women in New Jersey access to a means of treating dysmenorrhea, our state fails to acknowledge the serious impact it can have on their wellness," said Eustace (D-Bergen/Passaic). "Furthermore, from an economic standpoint, New Jersey is missing out on millions of dollars in tax revenue due to the restrictive nature of its medical marijuana law. While this will affect women directly, the financial benefit ultimately will be positive for everyone in the state."Another sponsor, Angelica Jimenez said for many women, menstrual pain was so severe, it causes them to vomit or faint, to which they are told to either 'Just deal with it,' or given a prescription drug that may not even alleviate their symptoms.

"We're talking about expanding our activity in one of the nation's fastest-growing industries - and garnering the economic benefit that comes with that - while simultaneously expanding women's options when it comes to doing what's best for their health."