An 18-year-old, Amber Romero in Raleigh, North Carolina pulled a Mike Tyson move on a fellow student by biting off a large portion of her earlobe.

Amber was charged with “inflicting serious bodily injury” on Emiyah Lane Brown, 16, during a brawl on a school bus.

The two girls were traveling home from East Wake High School in Wendell, just 20 miles east of Romero’s home of Raleigh.

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The fight started after another student threw a lunch bag at Romero.

"I really truly feel sorry for the family,” Romero’s mother Rynee told the station. “Me and my daughter, sincerely apologize and we both hate it that this happened to her.”

Brown underwent surgery on Friday to repair her ear, her mother. Rynee Romero said that her daughter’s behavior stems from being bullied at school.

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She has previous charges for assault and battery, fighting and failure to appear in court.

Romero appeared in court for the first time on Friday and asked to have her $15,000 bail lowered. The judge refused due to another outstanding assault charge.