Mischievous girlfriend portrays thoughts on boyfriend via epic selfie

According to the young man, his girlfriend whose identity is also unknown, had offered to take him a photo which was meant to show what she thought about him.

Girlfriend shows partner what she thinks of him via selfie she offered to take him

A man has shared a photo via the social medium, Reddit, showing him in a photo his girlfriend had offered to take of him in front of the Emirates stadium, which supposedly shows what she thinks of him.


The young man who's identity is yet unknown, shared a photo of himself standing in front of the Emirates stadium on Saturday, without noticing or suspecting his girlfriend's reason for taking the photo at the particular spot he posed.

After sharing the photo on Reddit via Imgur on Saturday, he went on to caption the photo, saying:


"Girlfriend said she would take a pic of me outside the Emirates Stadium ..."

She took the photo in such a way that he was standing in front of the the stadium, with the football club, Arsenal spelt in huge letters above the staduim.

After seeing the photo, he realised that his girlfriend had made sure only the letters A-R-S-E could be seen behind him, spelling the word 'arse', and leaving out the N-A-L part which would have made it 'Arsenal'.

Apparently, he should have been suspicious after his girlfriend offered to take a photo of him.



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