What would you do if your wife aborts your baby without telling you?

If a married woman goes behind her husband to abort their babies without his consent all because of her job, what should the man do?

"Dear Pulse,


I have been reading this page for a year now and I like the consistency and the way your readers respond to every edition. I hope I also get a solution to my problems.

My name is Kingsley Usaka. I have been married to a woman I thought I knew for five years, only to realise that my wife did the most unthinkable thing any married would do.

My wife, Bridget, works as a marketer in an oil company and according to her, she has to look fit, trim and proper to be in top gear for the job.


Since we got married, I have prayed for the fruit of the womb and with my parents on my neck, I have tried to talk to my wife so that we can start having children but she keeps postponing it.

But I was shocked to my bone marrow when I stumbled upon her medical reports which she has been hiding from me and to my surprise, I discovered my wife has committed three good times while we were married.

I confronted her with what I saw and after initially denying it, she opened up and said she did it because of her job, as she would not be able to meet her targets as a marketer.

I am really confused and terribly disappointed in my wife but what should I do?



Port Harcourt."

Readers, on Morning Teaser today, what would you do if your wife aborts your baby without letting you know? And for the women, do you think Bridget did the right thing and what would you advice Kingsley to do?



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