Newly hired mortuary-man screams for help as 'corpse' wakes up on his first day at work (video)

Imagine being in a mortuary room alone with many dead bodies as a newly hired mortuary attendant and then suddenly one of the corpses wakes up and walks to grab you.

New mortuary attendant screams for help as 'corpse' wakes up on his first day at work

That was the fearsome experience a young man had on his first day at work as a mortuary attendant after his superiors pranked him, ostensibly as a way of testing whether he had what it takes to do the job.

A video circulating on social media shows the moment the red top-wearing man and the senior mortician carried a corpse into the morgue.

The mortician then left the newcomer in the room and locked the door behind him. The new employee attempted to follow him but he realised the door was locked.

Then, suddenly, the fresh corpse they had just brought in began to make moves before waking up and walking towards him.

The dramatic video shows the fear-stricken newly recruited mortuary man screaming and begging the people outside to open the door for him but to no avail.

He banged on the metallic door several times with all the energy left in him but it did not open. Then he tried to take refuge behind some things inside the mortuary before other people began to emerge from all over the room.

He can be seen panting and gasping for breath as a microphone is put to him to express his first-time experience.

Watch the video below:


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