A video of the incident shows the bride identified as Angela K Deem, refusing to vow “to obey” her Nigerian husband-to-be, an action which brought the proceedings to a temporary hold up.

Angela K. Deem of 90 Day Fiancé, a Caucasian woman whose rocky relationship with Nigerian man, Michael Ilesanmi, has been publicized on the reality show 90 Day Fiancé, reports say.

She got emotional and could be seen in the trending video wiping away her tears as Michael vowed never to ignore all other women and stick to her forever.

One would have thought that Angela would have reciprocated the vow when it got to her turn to recite it but she was uncomfortable with the wordings of a portion of the vow.

When the officiating pastor asked her to vow to “love and obey” Michael Ilesanmi, Angela paused, frowned before asking: “Obey what, and obey who?”

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The surprised groom bowed his head with shame written all-over him while guests, family and friends equally remain seated apparently shocked.

As the entire venue became silent and all eyes were on her, Angela finally repeated the part that says “to love and” and skipped the “…and obey my husband” part.

The dramatic incident has triggered social media reactions with most people suggesting that the man must have entered the union for material reasons especially to get a “green card”.

“How can she vow to love and obey a man she obviously feeds, clothes and houses?” one Joy Amoke wrote on Facebook.

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