Get new app to track all numerous lovers on Valentine's Day

Get the OmniBae app to make your Valentines Day stress free.

The Omni Bae- the app that makes cheating convenient.

The thing is that since you are a good guy, and you want to spend quality time with all the special women in your life, you are trying to come up with a way on how to be with all of them without any of them bumping into each other.

Well polygamous guys out there you are in luck. Say bye bye to complicated plans on how to keep all your chicks happy and say hello to the OmniBae.

What is OmniBae? This is a brand new app created by the geniuses at Infidelity Corp. The OmniBae is an app that allows you track where each of your baes are at that moment. It's  a tracker basically for all the girls you are dating.

With the OmniBae on your phone, you can be with girlfriend 1 and see where girlfriend 2 is at the moment. When girlfriend 2 is 45 minutes away from your present location your phone alerts you and shows you the possible scenarios and routes for you to use. You can also say it is an Uber of some sorts.

You can have 7 girlfriends and you can monitor their movements when you are chilling with another babe. When any of them gets close your phone alerts you and gives you options on what to do.

OmniBae also helps you plan your day by scheduling your dates. On Valentine's Day you can plan to hang out with 5 women. Just put their names in the OmniBae app and it schedules when you go out with each of them based on their location and IQ. It makes cheating so convenient.

Guess what? Women can use OmniBae too! So a sharp babe can see her Alhaji, Chairman and 'Daddy' all on the same day without any of them bumping into her when she's handling her business. OmniBae is unisex.

The app OmniBae is available on all platforms, App Store, Google Play and the Nokia store. What are you waiting for? The clock is ticking. Download the OmniBae now to avoid awkward situations.

- If you believe this you are a moron!


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