Man dies after consuming excess alcohol

A man who could not minimize his alcoholic consumption has been sent to his early grave.

Drunkard on the street

A middle aged man in Kubwa area of the Federal Capital Territory, has drunk his way to the great beyond after he died from excess consumption of local gin popularly called 'ogogogro'.

The deceased who is said to be about 40-years-old and married with two wives, according to witnesses, had been fond of drinking and had been warned several times to desist from his love for the hard drink but he always told anyone who bothered to talk to him that he was equal to the task.

But on the fateful day that death came calling, the father of five had taken more liquor than was good for him and collapsed as he staggered home. He was reportedly rushed to the Kubwa General Hospital where he gave up the ghost.

A fellow drinker who was at the liquor joint on the day, said:

“The man was an alcoholic and many times, people had warned him to desist from such heavy drinking but he always picked quarrels with anyone that told him so.

On that day, he had taken excess drinks, from beer to ogogoro and roots mixed with gin and after drinking, he fell unconscious immediately.

He was rushed to the Kubwa General hospital but he could not survive."


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