According to him, cash of GHS200 is enough to be shared among the family members of any such lady – GHS50 each for her father and mother and the family elders.

The Popular Ghanaian prophet added that he would not mind paying a dowry which consists of laptops, generators, and even a plot of land if the woman in question is a virgin that he will be the first man to break.

In a TikTok video circulating online, prophet Oduro is seen preaching to members of his congregation against sexual promiscuity when he made the controversial statement.

He is seen using his white handkerchief to demonstrate the flatness of the breast of the ladies he referred to as overused.

“If you are a virgin and no man has touched you before, I wouldn’t mind if even your family puts laptop, generators and a plot of land as part of the dowry. But if you are just 21 years old and have been so used by other men that your breasts are flat and sagging, you don’t merit it; GHS200 is sufficient to be shared among your father, mother and the family elder,” Prophet Kofi Oduro said during a sermon, attracting loud laughter from his congregants.

The video has been uploaded to social media and it has since gone viral and attracting a lot of reactions. A lot of people disagree with him though while others deem his statement as hilarious.

A couple of weeks ago, he earned a lot of accolades for being bold enough to accuse the Akufo-Addo government and its officials of hypocrisy following their unwillingness to accept that political activities have contributed largely to the spike in the country’s Covid-19 cases.

Coronavirus active cases in Ghana have risen and keeps soaring by the day.

Although the Coronavirus preventives measures put in place by the government were blatantly ignored during last year’s political activities, the government has said that no evidence supports claims that the political activities have contributed in any way to the worsening of the country’s situation.

But Prophet Kofi Oduro insists that government must accept responsibility for the increase in the spread of the virus, accusing officials of being hypocrites.

“What this country hates is the truth. The government should take responsibility for the increased Covid-19 numbers and stop pushing blame,” the man of God said during a sermon in his church recently.

“Where were the nose masks during the campaign? People were sitting on people’s laps and dragging themselves in Parliament. Where was social distancing?” Prophet Kofi Oduro asked, “You are hypocrites and God judges hypocrisy.”