Ghanaian drug lords angry with former BBC Journalist for telling his addiction story (video)

Former BBC Journalist Paa Joe Odonkor has narrated how some Ghanaian drug lords have expressed unhappiness about his ‘grace to grass’ story which detailed how his life has got destroyed due to drug addiction.

Ghanaian drug lords angry with former BBC Journalist telling his addiction story

Well, just as the saying goes that one man’s rebel is another man’s freedom fight, although Mr Odonkor intended to help save the future of the Ghanaian you by advising them against hard drugs, using himself as an example, he was taking the drug lords out of business.

Paa Joe has disclosed in his latest interview with SVTV Africa that many drug lords have approached him to express displeasure at his 2017 interview, saying it has the potential to ruin their business because the youth may take a cue and abstain from patronizing their drugs.

“People out there don’t like the truth, there are very very different people with a different perspective. The people who sell the drugs are not happy that I come on air because when the children see it…the youth see it they will be scared of going to try it or been adventurous,” he told SVTV Africa.

Watch him in the video below as he makes the shocking disclosure:


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