Every worker needs rest in order to regain energy to carry on, but a robber deciding to catch a rest inside the very office he had burgled is mind boggling.

That was the case of a 36-year-old man who reportedly broke into a private office building on Sharlykskoye Road, in Orenburg, by squeezing through a small window on the third floor.

According to odditycentral.com, the robber then used a variety of tools, like screwdrivers, wire cutters, a hammer, a nail puller, and a bunch of keys, to break into several private company offices, looking for valuables.

Reports say he actually managed to find 140,000 rubles ($2,100) in cash, but apparently, having gone through several offices to steal, the man got exhausted and thought it ‘prudent’ to rest for some few minutes before moving on.

It appears the fatigued robber overslept and police came to meet him asleep in a leather office chair several hours later.

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Russian News Agency (RIA) reported that a security guard first spotted the thief sleeping in one of the offices he had broken into, while he was checking the surveillance cameras.

He then contacted Rosguard (Russia National Guard) which immediately dispatch an intervention team to the scene.

When police arrived, they met the robber deep asleep next to his bag containing all the night’s booty.

The officers then handcuffed him and placed in custody where background checks have reportedly revealed that he was actually a hardened criminal who had been convicted severally.

If found guilty, he is likely to be slapped with a harsher sentence than the previous convictions.