20-year-old Gift Wahab, who stabbed her boyfriend, Ebi Amade, to death over house keeping allowance on Thursday, March 19, 2015, has claimed that she was hypnotized into murdering her man by a force she could not resist.

Wahab's argument is that before then, the deceased used to give her the sum of N200 for her feeding daily but on that day, the money seemed smaller than other days which led to a fight.

Coupled with the drinks they both had, an argument had ensued which led to the deadly fight.

Hear her:

"He usually gave me N200 as feeding money. On that day, as we were returning from where we went to drink, I became hungry and complained to him.

He got angry and asked why I should complain of hunger after he had spent the only money he had on drinks. An argument ensued, during which he slapped me in the public.

I got angry and held on to his shirt. He kept beating me and in the process, he inflicted injury on my nose.

It was when I saw blood gushing from my nose that I ran inside the room and brought out a knife. He dared me to stab him and I stabbed him in the neck, not knowing he would die.

We met in a hotel in Ojo Road and since then, I have been living with him and members of his family, comprising his mother and five siblings in a one-room apartment at 10 Ligali Street, Off Ojo Road.

Along the line I got pregnant but I lost the pregnancy late last year. Though he was not rich, we were managing. He usually gave me N200 for feeding each day. I never meant to kill him. It was a mistake.

In fact, I was under a spell. I was hypnotized. I have never killed anyone in my life. Why will it be my boyfriend?

I sincerely beg for forgiveness from my late boyfriend’s family. I know this will not bring their son back. But please let them forgive me."