South Africans have refused to believe that one of the country’s pastor, Alph Lukau has truly resurrected a dead man.

A short video which has been in circulation online shows the controversial man of God purporting to be waking up the alleged dead man who had been prepared for burial and placed in a coffin.

With the influx of many ‘men of God’ who are doing all sorts of shameful things in the name of God, people simply find it difficult to trust pastors who claim to be performing miracles these days, even if they are genuine.

When the video of Pastor Alph Lukau emerged online, some social media users were of the view that he had paid the supposed dead man to act, just for publicity’s sake.

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Even before the reactions could cease, another video has hit the internet showing the alleged resurrected man eating food claimed to have been prepared for his funeral.

The video was posted online by Twitter parody account Man's Not Barry Roux with a caption: "South Africa alive with possibilities. He ended up eating the food that people on his funeral were supposed to eat."

However, the video has not changed the views of social media users, they insist that the young man was paid to behave the way he did, just to make Pastor Alph Lukau and his church popular.

Social media usr @ChrissBlackz wrote: "So I guess the shaking is caused by the mortuary refrigerator neh."

Another one, @glammyneo also said: "How much did they pay him? Or they just bought him that R Kelly outfit and gave him a plate of food?"

The fears of social media users may not be farfetched, but who are you to judge?