Man returns home only to find his ‘corpse’ in a casket for burial

Juan Ramón Alfonso Penayo who lives in the village of Santa Teresa, close to Paraguay’s border with Brazil left home without informing his family.


Juan Ramón Alfonso Penayo, according to, lives in the village of Santa Teresa, close to Paraguay’s border with Brazil.

When the family could not figure out Juan’s whereabouts, they thought it wise to inform the police about his missing.

Not long after filing the complaint, the family reportedly received a call from the police inviting them to identify a brutally burnt dead body which was found within the enclave of Santa Teresa, a 700 kilometer border land between Paraguay and Brazil.


Due to the fact that the area in question was known to be in dispute among several drug-trafficking gangs, the family lost hope and believed the said dead body must be Juan’s.

Because of the preconditioned mindset, when the family got to the nearby city of Pedro Juan Caballero to identify the said dead body, they assumed it was that of Juan though it was disfigured beyond recognition.

They brought the body home and prepared it for burial. It was during the wake-keeping that Juan himself returned home to see the family wailing and mourning around a casket containing a corpse they claimed was his.

Though the family was happy to see him return home, the development was such a disturbing moment for the family.


Reports say police later came for the corpse and deposited it back in the morgue where the actual family are being called upon to come and identify it.

The next time you want to leave home you might want to save both your family and yourself from such a traumatic experience by simply informing them or getting in touch with them in good time.



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